Monday, December 3, 2012

Profiting on a Hobby

Before attending the craft fair last Sunday, I assumed craft expos were not the best places to find the most youthful people; I wasn’t proven wrong. While most of the booths were occupied by older people, there were several younger people that were selling as well. I noticed that the younger crafters had more elaborate booths that would seem more capable of drawing a crowd. The booths occupied by older crafter however, were usually less showy and seemed less interested in appealing to customers. It seemed that the younger people were more interested in making a career out of crafting, while the older crafters were simply sharing their hobby with others while simultaneously making a little extra money.

After speaking with my grandmother over the phone about her crafting days, she revealed to me that she never really attended craft fairs to make money. She mentioned that between the cost of supplies and venue fees it was difficult to make a significant profit off of a few craft sales. She enjoyed going to craft fairs to showcase her work and interact with people who might share the same interests. While craft fairs do resemble a traditional marketplace setting in which merchants sell goods, for some crafters, craft fairs are just a means of sharing their creative ideas with other like-minded people.

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